Our mission

TheMerode is a place to discover, contribute, be entertained, be uplifted. 
A place to grow.

We believe that personal growth is the cornerstone of positive change, inspiring individuals to reach their full potential. 

Fostering a community committed to restless curiosity and self-improvement, we aim to ignite a ripple effect that resonates globally, empowering our community to contribute collectively to a brighter, more harmonious future. 

A place to discover, contribute...

...be entertained and be uplifted.

A place to grow.

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Our house

Blending history with modernity

Our home is a fully renovated historical building, located in the heart Brussels and Europe. Dating back from the 16th century, the renovation subtly blends a classic style with modern twist, offering a comfortable nest to enjoy all the club has to offer : lounges, meeting and event rooms, library, dining facilities, workspace and an outdoor terrace.

Our agenda

Be uplifted by inspiring renowned speakers