Sandrine Antoniou

Human Resources Partner

Developer of “human richness” (“richesse humaine”) and  well-being activator.

In 2008, Sandrine began her career in Human Resources within a large multinational in the Chemistry sector. 10 years, 5 jobs, 2 children and 1 burnout later, she realigned her job with her deep values. She is enriched with new skills by training in permaculture, collective intelligence facilitation and transition support. In 2019, committed and transformed, she launched her own business as a human resources developer (HRD). In 2021, Sandrine joined Realco with the intrinsic objective of promoting the development and balance of each individual in the company's eco-system.

Sandrine Antoniou also supports other collectives on several levels. The “green thread” she unrolls is part of the ethical principles of permaculture (taking care of the earth, humans and sharing surplus fairly). The dream that guides Sandrine's actions is to evolve culture towards greater well-being, connections and authenticity in the service of lifebeing/living.