Stan Thuret

Film maker Navigator

Born in 1987 in the Parisian region, Stan Thuret defines himself as a filmmaker navigator. After studying film, he worked for 8 years as an assistant director on feature films alongside directors like Bertrand Tavernier, Cédric Klapisch, and Jacques Audiard. In 2014, his passion for the sea led him to film offshore racing sailboats and settle in Brittany. In 2015, he decided to participate in the Mini-Transat, a solo transatlantic race on a 6.50m sailboat.

After 3 seasons of learning, Stan completed his Mini-Transat in 2017. In the meantime, he also completed 2 transatlantic crossings as a media crew member on a Vendée Globe sailboat and an Ultimate trimaran. In 2019, Stan briefly sailed a Figaro 3 before scaling up to a Class40 boat measuring 12m.

Over 3 seasons, Stan had the opportunity to compete in 12 Class40 races, including the Transat Jacques Vabre and the Route du Rhum. After the Route du Rhum, he made the decision to quit the sport for ecological reasons. He noted that our sailboats glide across the horizon thanks to the wind, but the entire ecosystem relies on a performance-driven ideology that is reaching the end of the road and will soon be obsolete. Trying to both connect with the ocean and believe we are stronger than it without seeking to understand and know it represents a paradox. Stan emphasized the need to re-invent ourselves collectively in sports, arts, science, and society if we, as humans, wish to elevate our level of consciousness and continue to play and create.

In 2023, Stan decided to launch an engaged artistic expedition, a means for him to create different dreams for a desirable and wished-for future and reconnect us to nature through cinema and music while traveling by sail on the ocean.