Sandrine Billiet OLY

Judoka & Development Officer @ World Olympians Association - Africa - Europe, Olympian

Sandrine Billiet OLY was born in Bruges on February 16, 1990. From a young age, she aspired to be a superhero and believed that learning judo would be the perfect first step toward that goal.

In addition to her passion for judo, she developed a keen interest in sport management. After earning a Master's degree in Applied Economics from Ghent University, she began her career there. Her research in sport management was dedicated to exploring how sport federations and governments could enhance their collaboration.

While pursuing her professional path, Sandrine concurrently pursued a postgraduate program at the Belgian Olympic Academy and continued to excel in competitive judo.
Her research endeavors eventually led her to Cape Verde, where she worked closely with the judo federation. In recognition of her dedicated service to the country, she was awarded Cape Verdean nationality.

In 2021, Sandrine achieved a significant milestone by qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics, where she earned an impressive 9th place.
Subsequently, she embarked on a new journey by joining the World Olympians Association as a Development Officer with responsibilities for Africa. Given the proximity of the upcoming summer and winter Games to Europe, the WOA management entrusted her with a focus on the European region. In this role, she provides vital support to all National Olympians Associations in Europe and is actively involved in preparations for an OLY House during the Paris Olympics.