Prof. Kinzang Lhendup

Royal University of Bhutan

Kinzang Lhendup, a native of the enchanting eastern region of Bhutan in Trashigang is a teacher educator and contemplative scholar. He has a master's degree in Contemplative Education from Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado. Kinzang continues to dedicate his life to promoting well-being and holistic education inspired by Bhutan's profound philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH).


Kinzang's passion for the well-being of individuals and societies has led him on a global quest to engage in dialogues about GNH, sharing Bhutan's wisdom with the world. He also serves as a guiding light for those seeking meditation and mindfulness practices, offering support and guidance. Currently, Kinzang holds the esteemed position of Assistant Professor at Paro College of Education, Royal Unviersity of Education. His work centers on redefining teaching through the lens of ancient wisdom, emphasizing not only on academic knowledge but also the development of the whole person. Kinzang Lhendup’s dedication to fostering well-rounded individuals and his commitment to education make him an inspiring figure in the field of Contemplative Education