Prof. Dr. Tania Singer

Social neuroscientist and psychologist, world expert on empathy and compassion

Tania Singer is a psychology and social neuroscience professor leading the Social Neuroscience Lab of the Max Planck Society in Berlin. She is investigating human sociality and social emotions such as empathy and compassion and their trainability. Tania developed the ReSource project, a large-scale longitudinal study on the effects of meditation on brain, behavior and mental health.

Further, she is developing new models of caring economics together with micro- and macro-economists and is helping to translate this knowledge into different arms of society by leading retreats with the goal to provide the basis for deep inner change for larger societal change.

More recently, she lead the CovSocial project, a longitudinal mental health study conducted during the Covid19 pandemic on resilience and social cohesion in Berliners, in which she and her team also tested app-based online mindfulness and compassion-based mental training programs to help people out of loneliness and reconnect them with themselves and society at large. Tania Singer is author of more than 150 scientific articles and book chapters and edited together with Mathieu Ricard two books, Caring Economics (2015) and Power and Care (2019) resulting from two large-scale public conferences with the Dalai Lama she helped organize together with the Mind and Life institute in Zürich (2010) and Brussels (2016). More information: