Nikita Stampa

In charge of design and development of the leadership support programme - European School of Administration

Bachelor in philosophy and Master in Economics in UCLouvain, Nikita had dedicated all is professional career to public good. He first worked during more than 10 years for development NGOs. He was one of the main actor  in the creation of Max Havelaar/FairTrade in Belgium. He spent long periods in South Amercia and leaved in Africa (Uganda) for 5 years mainly in support to microfinance and community-based projects. He also worked for the German microfinance company IPC gmbh.

He joined the EU institutions more than 20 years ago where he worked in various areas including trade and services, corporate social responsibility and innovative public procurement. In 2015, he walked on a pilgrimage for more than 1000 km through Italy. After this live changing experience, he left his position of Head of Unit in the Commission to join the European School of Administration to design and implement innovative and purpose driven leadership development activities. Following the tracks of ancient Greeks, walking- in particular in nature- is at the core of their pedagogical approach.