Michel Mersch

CEO Nestlé Belgium and Luxemburg

Michel Mersch has been serving as the CEO of Nestlé Belgilux since 2018. His leadership journey spans over two decades in various positions within Nestlé, where he has tackled numerous challenges and driven change. What sets Michel apart is his ability to "walk the talk" and instill courage in others, whether it be his employees or business partners, encouraging them to voice their opinions and take responsibility in the most respectful way.

Michel's leadership style revolves around integrity, resilience, and a genuine concern for his team's wellbeing. He fosters inclusivity and inspires his colleagues to excel, emphasizing trust and transparency. Michel's people-centric focus and business acumen have been instrumental in driving success and growth at Nestlé Belgilux. In 2022, Michel was honored as the "Brand Personality of the Year," the most prestigious award in the Belux food retail and consumer industry, in recognition of his outstanding leadership, unwavering commitment to his values, and the high regard in which he is held by his peers.