Jef Colruyt

Chairman of the Board – Corluyt Group

Jef Colruyt (1959) studied electro-mechanics, and later languages in France and sciences in the US. In 1986 he joined Colruyt to start in the technical department after holding sales positions in different business areas in Germany and Belgium.

He gained thorough experience in the retail business through various departments in Colruyt Group such as logistics, product promotion and HR. As of 1994, since the passing of his father, he was CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Colruyt Group. In 2013, he was accredited the title of “Baron” by the King of Belgium.

Jef handed over his position as CEO of Colruyt Group to Stefan Goethaert in June 2023 and remains Chairman of the Board of Directors of this large Belgian retailer. Next to his responsibilities within the Board of Colruyt Group, Jef Colruyt oversees the energy activities as Chairman of the Board of Virya Energy and he is part of the Board of the entrepreneurial investment company of the Colruyt family, Korys. He also holds directorships in retail and investment business areas. 

Jef holds a particular interest in and passion for sustainability in everything he undertakes. Throughout his leadership, Jef’s mission was - and still is - to create sustainable added value through value-driven craftsmanship. Key drivers are related to customer satisfaction, lowest prices strategy, worksimplification and above all simplicity in retail.