Isabelle Grosmaitre

Catalyst for positive change, Speaker and Founder Goodness & Co

“Catalyst for positive change, Isabelle Grosmaitre founded Goodness & Co, a consultancy platform working with CEOs & leaders to shift purpose into practice. 

Isabelle is the Author of “PURPOSE LED COMPANIES, how the next generation of leaders can change the world [for real]”.

Isabelle brings head and heart together as Co-founder of Generation Glasgow, Stewart in the B for Good Leaders movement, Advocate of B Corp, Ambassador for the Purpose-led Companies Community. Engaged in promoting women in leadership, Isabelle is part of the 100 DAVOS Women, the global community of Impact-Driven Women, of the 1st tribe Future Women X from B Corp & International Women Forum. She was nominated in “The Top 25 Doers & Shakers in purposeful retail demonstrating how the industry can become a purpose driven actor.” Former Catalyst at DANONE and CGF Co Chair.”