Hugues Karemera

Deputy COO - Euroclear

Hugues Karemera has dedicated over 30 years to Euroclear Bank S.A., drawn by its supportive and growth-oriented professional atmosphere. Beginning in Information Technology at JP Morgan - Euroclear Operations Center in 1993, he later led various technology initiatives before transitioning to Euroclear Bank S.A.'s business divisions in 2001.

In the midst of the ever-changing financial industry, Hugues emphasizes Euroclear's consistent success is driven by its dedicated, professional, and collaborative workforce. He attributes their achievements to great leadership, strategic vision, and innovation, all underpinned by a positive workplace culture.

As Deputy COO since 2019, Hugues has championed the "Innovative and Participative Management" transformation, which addresses the challenges posed by the VUCA world. This initiative focuses on harnessing collective intelligence, team autonomy, and an entrepreneurial spirit to improve well-being at work. Hugues believes that prioritizing humanity in the workplace is the answer to the global challenges we face.