Bart Weetjens

Zen Buddhist monk, personal growth coach and social entrepreneur

Bart is a Zen Buddhist monk and social entrepreneur. Graduated in Product Design from Antwerp University, and with a vision to empower the most vulnerable communities of subsistence farmers in sub-Sahara Africa, he took the initiative to train rats as sustainable detectors in response to the global landmine problem.

What started in 1995 as a modest research initiative in detection rats technology, gradually grew into a global humanitarian operation. Twenty years after his initiative the APOPO organisation had become one of the leading social enterprises in the world, recognised and awarded by networks like Ashoka, the Skoll Awards and the World Economic Forum.

When Mozambique officially announced itself free from landmines in 2015, Bart transitioned from his executive role to focus on the practice of Zen. In the same year I got involved in The Wellbeing Project which aims to catalyze a culture of inner wellbeing for all changemakers.

While exploring the relationship between personal growth and social action, Bart recently co-founded a new initiative which supports entrepreneurs with their inner journeys.