Alix Colin

Harpist and harp therapist

Alix Colin is a harpist deeply immersed in traditional European music. She is the founder of Harpeopathy©, an approach to the harp that is sensitive and creative, aimed at promoting well-being since 2009. She is trained in harp therapy (IHTP, USA), psychophonics, Steiner pedagogy, and is a Peter Hess sonopractitioner, certified by the Open Ear Center, an EDR rites school contributor, and in RESSPIR (Réseau Santé, Soins et Spiritualités) training. Her career revolves around three main areas: teaching the harp and harp therapy, providing harpeopathy care (largely for palliative patients), and holistic artistic creativity (Unisons, Soundcircles, and the duo Daali). 

Her specialty is spontaneous and inspired improvisation, drawing from traditional spiritual or secular themes, always poetic and profound. She gathers all those seeking comfort, rejuvenation, elevation, grace, and positivity in the sacred space of her harp.