TheMerode Cinema Club, initiated in collaboration with Denis Pennel, is a moment for cinema enthusiasts and curious minds

Initiated in collaboration with fellow member, Denis Pennel, our 2023 program will showcase three universal themes: Love, Family and Work. What better than to explore their significance through the art of cinema?

Diving into the facets of these subjects through different lenses, together we will experience their essence through a variety of characters and stories.

Kicking off our Cinema Club on Wednesday 25Th of January, we begin with none other than Love. Book your calendar to join our screenings every last Wednesday of the month. Each theme will be explored through three films: a classic, an alternative film and a mainstream film.

Stay tuned as the films for our second theme, Family, will be announced at the end of March.


  • 25.01 – The Piano, by Jane Campion 1993 (New Zealand)

A story of love and fierce pride, placed on a bleak New-Zealand coast in the 19th century.

Ada, mother of a nine-year-old girl, is about to share her life with a stranger deep in the New-Zealand bush. Her new husband agrees to transport all her possessions, except for the most precious one: a piano, which ends up with an illiterate neighbour. Unable to resign herself to this loss, Ada accepts the deal offered to her by the latter: regain the piano, key by key, by submitting to his whims…

  • 22.02 – West Side Story, by Jerome Robbins & Robert Wise, 1961

On New York’s harsh streets of the upper west side, two rival gangs are at odds with each other, The Sharks led by Bernardo and The Jets led by Riff. As Tony, one of the Jets, falls in love with Maria, Bernardo’s sister, tensions between their respective friends build toward tragedy.

The award-winning adaptation of the classic romantic tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”. The feuding families become two warring gangs. A love story unleashing a series of tragic events brought about solely by racism and discrimination.

  • 29.03 – Laurence Anyways, by Xavier Dolan, 2012

On his thirtieth birthday, Laurence, who is very much in love with Fred, reveals to her, after abstruse circumlocutions, his desire to become a woman. This is a modern story of a crazy and different love.

*All movies are in original language with subtitles.


  • 18:30 > Welcome & Networking
  • 19:00 – 21:15 > Introduction & Movie screening

Seats are limited, do not forget to register.

To register to the waiting list, please contact

TheMerode, is a private social members club, where comfort, glamour and intimacy coexist through and for our members. They are at the heart of everything we do and we strive to make them feel home. That’s why all our events are exclusively organized for our members and their guests.

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