Edouard Cambier, Mr. co-working, welcomes the co-founder of the HR tech start-up that is unleashing work flexibility and breaking up the labour pool for the better good.

Does the boom of remote working make offices obsolete?

Boosted by the Covid-19 crisis and the democratisation of remote work, the labour market for white collar workers is shifting from local to global. This new paradigm will  significantly and positively impact our society and ultimately our lifestyles – if we get things right.

Flexibility is becoming the most important criteria for talent looking for a job. There is a strong need for employers and employees to bring transparency and clarity to flexibility offerings.

Join us for an intimate exchange over lunch on new ways of working, flexibility, remote vs personal bonding, and the impact of remote working on the environment and society.

In conversation with Edouard Cambier, Juan Bourgois, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Jobgether, will be sharing his experience working with clients such as Revolut (fintech), Hubsport (CRM), Doctolib (Healthtech), Back Market and the Giant Amazon.


Juan Bourgois, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Jobgether.

After studying at a business school in Belgium, Juan Bourgois began his career at the age of 22 in a large CAC40 group. At the age of 26, he was promoted to Finance Director of International Development and participated in the opening of a dozen subsidiaries and managed various acquisition projects around the world (Israel, Russia, Panama, Portugal, Sweden, etc.). At the age of 29, he moved to Colombia for two years to restructure a subsidiary in difficulty. Then, from London, he took over the European financial management of one of the Group’s BUs. After a fast-paced career, he resigned at 34, during the first wave of Covid-19, to become an entrepreneur.

Jobgether was “born and raised” during Covid times based on the strong belief that the future of work will be flexible and the observation that the future is actually happening now. The initial motivation for launching Jobgether was to help everyone find the perfect job without effort. Month after month, they realised that flexibility was becoming the most important component of job matching for white collars talents.

For us, flexibility can be split into 3 dimensions: I decide where (location), when (hours) and how (type of contract/relationship with employer) to work. Jobgether focus on what they believe is the biggest revolution in the labour market since the industrial revolution: the move to flexible and remote jobs.



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Lunch: 55€ VATincl


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