Join us at TheMerode to see the play Attention à la Peinture!

The play follows two paintings, one ancient and one modern, confined in the reserves of a large museum. They argue about their respective merits, until two dramatic events upset the situation, to the astonishment (and pleasure!) of the audience.

Wouters Theatre is regarded for its site-specific productions, often taking over a private venue where the staging is specially designed to fit the configuration of the space. Wouters himself is an award-winning playwright who has written a dozen plays.

Attention à la Peinture! is 45 minutes long.

About Hippolyte Wouters:

Hippolyte Wouters, a lawyer by profession, took up theatre rather late. He is an Officer of the Arts and Letters of the French Republic and was awarded the Grand Prix de théâtre by the Royal Academy of French Language and Literature of Belgium for 2003.

About Geneviève Roeseler:

Geneviève Roeseler is a trained painter from the ESA « le 75 » art school Brussels. Her work is mainly based on the human body.

She has performed in several plays and has co-written “Attention à la Peinture !” with Hippolyte Wouters.


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