Reinventing your workplace to meet today’s expectations – what does it look like?

Learn from Efficy’s insights and swap your thoughts and experiences with the CEO and co-founder, Cédric Pierrard in conversation with Edouard Cambier.

Efficy, Europe’s leading CRM and marketing automation company, currently employs around 550 people, of which one hundred are in Brussels and as many in Paris and Malmö. It aims to reach a turnover of 250 million by 2026, half of which will be achieved through acquisitions. To create and anchor a true company culture, it is key to create relationships between the different entities, teams and 60 different nationalities.

The “Efficy – ReShape the Work Experience” concept aims to reinvent the office to meet the needs and expectations of today’s employees. According to a Great Place to Work® survey, quality relationships are cited as one of the most important criteria for well-being at work.

Inaugurated in September with Mathieu Michel, Secretary of State for Digitalization, Efficy’s new headquarters in Brussels is the concrete expression of the company’s innovative “Co-Working and Co-Living” concept, which offers a wide variety of work-life experiences ranging from cooking spaces, tennis tables and such to real hotel rooms.

Join us to hear more about how space and more can play a role in company culture, as well as forming cultural bonds and cracking the work-life balance challenge.


Cédric Pierrard, Co-founder Efficy

In 2005, Cédric Pierrard co-founded Efficy, a European CRM supplier today serving some 330.000 daily users in over 60 countries. Operating in a market where few large players meet a highly fragmented local offer, Cédric and his team ambition further consolidation and the establishment of Efficy as the European CRM champion. External growth is supported by acquisitions and, after a decade with more than 10 deals, Cédric accelerates the tempo and undertook four transactions in the past 12 months alone, thereby doubling the company’s size.

As the team grow consequently, Cédric and his team envision to re-invent the way they  work. Pioneer from the very beginning, Efficy ReShaped the Work Experience in 2022. To enhance company’s attractiveness, spread corporate culture , and develop employee retention, Cédric designed a workplace where co-working and co-living are mixed.


Edouard Cambier – Mr Co-working



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