What’s happening at TheMerode

At TheMerode, we have a wide variety of events where you can learn, exchange ideas and find inspiration. With over 100 in-person events a year covering various subjects around 5 focus areas, our program enables our members to embark on initiatives that create meaningful impact for a better society and environment: one planet, technology and innovation, transformative education, alternative economic and financial model, redefine prosperity for all, well-being, beyond aesthetic,…

Our program will be accessible from January 2022. Please bear with us as we schedule an exclusive line up of speakers during this soft opening.


What to expect:

Inspiring speakers

TheMerode will present regular panels of speakers for members to listen to and meet, from celebrated creatives, industry experts, government leaders, not-for-profits, journalists, activists, social entrepreneurs, emerging leaders and many more.

Thematic dinners

We host thematic dinners in small groups, hosted by guest speakers, giving the opportunity for members to have intimate and meaningful conversations over a delicious 3-course meal.

Networking events

Thematic networking events allow members to take part in the community and meet like-minded individuals. TheMerode team will organize gatherings to give members the opportunity to connect effortlessly with one another.


Our podcasts channel is the virtual extension of our in-person events. Members have the flexibility to catch up on the talks they missed at any time of the day, wherever in the world. With our podcasts, members have an incredible resource of content to benefit from right at their fingertips.

A holistic program coming soon