The visionary writer Marc Levy invites us to reflect on the world around us

Marc Levy’s most recent work, the trilogy of the “9”, tells the story of 9 hackers planning to overthrow a dictator in favour of the people. After the huge success of the first two books in the series, “C’est arrivé la nuit” and “Crépuscule des fauves” – one million copies in bookshops – Marc Levy’s new novel, “Noa”, was published in May 2022.

In a very special conversation at TheMerode, the French author, who has been described as nothing less than a visionary, shares his inspirations. He was deeply moved by the enthusiasm for the Group 9 characters and their story – the battles they fight, and who they are.

With “Noa”, Levy wanted to attract readers to a novel of adventure and espionage, sparing neither the pace nor the suspense. Yet, again and again, the power of fiction proves an important way for Levy to relate to the events that mark our time, to denounce the excesses of autocrats. The triumph of democracy is a theme at the heart of the series. He had not imagined that fiction would become reality so quickly.

“Majestic and stunning. It’s a great pleasure to be reunited with our 9 hackers. This new novel takes us to the four corners of the world without a moment’s rest. 5/5”
Le Parisien

“Breath-taking. With the fast pace of a spy novel, it takes you on a journey. After starting Noa, it was impossible to put it down.”
Europe 1


After the talk, have your book signed by the author himself.

Books will also be on sale on the night. Feel free to bring your copy.

Meet our speaker:

Marc Levy is the most-read contemporary French author. His 22 novels, translated into 50 languages, have sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. The diversity of his novels, much-loved characters, the journeys that he takes us on, the humor of his dialogues, and the depth of his stories have brought his readers together, touching millions around the world. Steven Spielberg (DreamWorks) acquired film rights to his first novel, If Only It Were True, before it was even published. Starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo, the movie, Just like Heaven, was a #1 box office hit.

Other novels, such as Finding YouLondon Mon Amour, and Children of Freedom were adapted for television, cinema, or graphic novels. Another Idea of HappinessAll Those Things We Never Said, and The Shadow Thief are currently being adapted for the screen in India, China, and the US.


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