In 2022, the key players in the art world – artists, galleries, collectors, museums, auction rooms and fairs – no longer match to the classical definitions, each taking on the roles of the other players. This means the art world, as we know it, is rapidly changing.

The changes don’t stop there: the market share of each speciality (ancient art, modern art, impressionists, post-war art, contemporary art) is constantly shifting, as are the roles of the leading countries in the global market. Add to this the rise of digital art and the creation of the NFT and things look set to continue their accelerated transformation. What can we learn from these big changes?

Join Beatrice Taevernier, expert and founder of B-Arty consultancy and VIP representative of Art Basel in order to bring yourself up to speed on the rapidly evolving art world and discover what is around the corner.

Beatrice Taevernier

Beatrice Taevernier created a company in 2016 called B-Arty through which she offers advisory services in buying and selling artworks and organises artistic meetings and events. She is currently VIP representative of Art Basel (Basel, Miami, Hong-Kong) for the Benelux and Romania and of Masterpiece London for the Benelux. She is a member of the Art for Home Council.

After obtaining her law degree at the KU-Leuven, Beatrice Taevernier worked successively as a lawyer, Legal Director of the Brussels Stock Exchange, which became Euronext, and as a project manager at the Superior Council of Justice. Finally, after passing the exam for access to the judiciary, she was appointed president of the Dutch-speaking chamber for financial criminal law of the court of First Instance in Brussels.
After handling one of the biggest cases of corruption in public tenders, she decided to reorient towards a career in art.



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