A major figure in contemporary Belgian art, Philippe Vandenberg rose to international fame in the 80s with work that combines literary, art historical, and philosophical references.

Philippe Vandenberg’s (1952-2009) drawings and paintings strongly denounce humanity. They are moving, provocative and force us to reflect. The central theme is man’s struggle with himself and others, observed through the lens of cultural, political and social history. In Vandenberg’s art, this struggle is often critical, sometimes compassionate, but always imagined in rich colour and with a pinch of humour. In his works on paper, he often used enigmatic words and phrases in French, English, German, and Spanish.

The Philippe Vandenberg Foundation operates on a national and international level and has three objectives: to manage the artist’s estate and studio, to facilitate research into his oeuvre and to make his work more accessible in dialogue with artists, researchers, curators and the public.

During this special visit to Philippe Vandenberg’s former studio in Molenbeek, you can discover his art up close. Guided by the head of collections of the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation, you will get acquainted with the workings of the Foundation and the life and work of the artist, up close and personal.

The Philippe Vandenberg Foundation generously keeps the legacy of Philippe Vandenberg mobile. The Foundation is one of the first professionalized artist foundations in Belgium. Since the start of the foundation in 2009, the work of Philippe Vandenberg has been rediscovered on an international level, with exhibitions in London, Zürich, Seoul, New York, Tilburg, Paris and a retrospective exhibition in the Hamburger Kunsthalle in 2019. The critically acclaimed exhibition Philippe Vandenberg: Molenbeek was held in 2020 in BOZAR.


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