Revisit our relationship with the living world

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We are at a crucial time to stop, pause and consider our attitudes to nature. Afterall, what we do to nature, we do to ourselves.  The documentary Ecocide revolves around a fictional story of a trial for ecocide played by amateur students, reminding us how essential each life form is to the survival of all. Taking this pressing issue as its subject, the documentary Ecocide travels the world hearing about biodiversity loss, along the way opening pathways and proposing tools for the individual and collective transformation that is essential for our planet. 

Ecocide will be premiering at TheMerode, followed by a panel discussion with filmmaker Yvan Beck, animal law expert José-Javier Paniagua and S.A.R. Esmeralda Princesse de Belgique 

Saving biodiversity, saving the planet

For us and future generations, there may be a turning point for tackling climate change and biodiversity loss. Can we make the changes we need while there is still time? Produced by the European Foundation for the Rights of the Living World, Ecocide is a documentary that delves deep into what ecocide is, the aftermath of our actions, and what paths we must take to save our planet. This documentary brings together a global community of environmentalists, anthropologists, activists, conservationists, scholars, volunteers, and students to remind us how essential every form of life is to the survival of all. Keeping the spirit of the film, filming and production have endeavoured to approach “zero carbon” impact.



  • 7.00 pm : Welcome to TheMerode – bar is open 
  • 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm: film screening 
  • 9.00 pm – 10.00 pm: panel discussion 


Yvan Beck   

Yvan Beck is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. He is an author and holds a postgraduate degree in environmental studies. He is the president of Planète-Vie since 1995, the Belgian association initially founded by Senator Roland Gillet. After the publication of his first book, “L’Animal, l’Homme, la Vie” (Animals, Man, Life), Planète-Vie oriented its activities around the theme of the interdependence of the living world. “LoveMEATender”, the first part of a documentary trilogy, was awarded the Magritte for best documentary in 2011. In 2000 Yvan coordinated “Freedom for the Dolphins”, a first book on dolphin captivity which sealed the closure of the dolphinarium in Antwerp.  Following Planète-Vie’s focus, in 2016 “This is not a dolphin – a manifesto for the legal personality of the living world” echoed the symposium Interdependance .   

We are very happy to be presenting his second documentary “Ecocide, Change or Disappear” . 


Esmeralda de Belgique  

Princess Esmeralda is a member of the Belgian royal family. She is a journalist, author and speaker and has also co-produced three television documentaries and published several books about her family, the environment and women Nobel Peace Prize winners. Esmeralda is an activist for human rights, particularly for the rights of women and Indigenous peoples, and for the environment. Esmeralda is the President of the Leopold III Fund for the Exploration and Conservation of Nature, created by her father in 1972 and President of the NGO Friendship Belgium, which works in Bangladesh with the most vulnerable and marginalised communities with education, health and climate change adaptation programmes. She is also Honorary President of Care Belgium and Honorary Ambassador of WWF Belgium. She is Co-writer of the book “Quel Monde Pour Demain?” 


José-Javier Paniagua 

José-Javier Paniagua, was born in Madrid (Spain) and graduated in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid. He holds a degree in European Law and specialises in Animal Law. He has worked as a lawyer and as a civil servant at the European Commission. He is a professor in several Spanish Universities and teaches Master courses in International Relations. Javier is administrator of the Belgian non-profit organisation, Planète-Vie and president of the European Foundation for the Right of Life. He has been living in Belgium for more than thirty years. 

As the current Chairman of the EFRLW he strongly supports any initiative to improve the protection framework of animal welfare at both national and international scale.


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