Enjoy a family Saturday afternoon and discover the world  of Pierre Culot  whom is considered one of the greatest European ceramicists of the post-war period, Culot created work that thoughtfully lived on the verge of art and functionality. Sculpture took on more importance in his work from the 1970s and his art has been shown at Stedelijk Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and Palais de Tokyo.

About Pierre Culot

Pierre Culot (1938-2011) was a ceramicist and sculptor. Having studied at the École d’art de l’abbaye de Maredsous, he developed his skills through contact with the leading post-war ceramicists. Sculpture became a more important part of his work as of the 1970s.

About the house

Pierre Culot’s family home where he lived, raised a family and created. His passion and gift for pottery led him to build a beautiful studio connected to the main house. The artists in residence are invited to live and work in the family home and studio.

About the atelier

The workshop is not just a place of commemoration. This space celebrates Pierre’s memory, but above all it aims to let it live on and be a shining light. Pierre used to say to his collaborators that the earth had a memory. When you mould a piece, any pressure, any release is done delicately but without hesitation. Any sudden movement is a shock. Any carelessness is echoed in the earth. You can’t afford to make a mistake, because the firing exposes the slightest defects. Our gestures as artisans are simple, repetitive, but always different. The first firing is done at 900° C. It is called the ‘biscuit’. Then the enamel is applied. If there is a creative side to pottery, this is when it happens. This second firing is delicate. Pierre encouraged us to simply guide the nuances.

About the garden

The garden of the Atelier is like the common theme that is shared with the other places. It is the last space that Pierre developed. Peaceful, tranquil, it demonstrates the importance which sculpture gradually assumed in his approach. You cannot understand Pierre’s universe without discovering his garden. It is a facet of his work, important and complementary to his workshop as well as to his home. It was the last place to be developed at Roux-Miroir. In the garden, one understands how sculpture became increasingly important in the artist’s life as time went by.

A Family Saturday

Kids are more than welcome to the event. We are setting-up a garden workshop for kids followed by a teatime moment in the garden

Welcome: 2:45pm
Guided tour: 3-4:30pm
Garden Tea Time : 4-5pm

L’Atelier PIerre Culot: Rue de la poterie 7, 1315 Incourt



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