In being part of the crowd,  you become powerful. You unite with others, you push the bar, you fund businesses, and you influence change.

Funding “businesses” via the crowd is increasingly popular. Many of the success stories of crowdfinancing aim to have a positive impact on society or the environment and find a large echo among contributors in search of purpose.

Crowdimpacting players such as, Ecco Nova and Funds For Good give access to highly vetted, quality investment opportunities. In many parts of the world, the crowd can unite to fund businesses, purchasing just one share in some cases, investing as little as €10.

Hear the story of Céline Bouton, Quentin Sizaire and Nicolas Crochet on their journey to make impact.

Céline Bouton, renowned for launching many impact initiatives will share lessons learned of giving a sense of purpose to your money. Quentin Sizaire, co-founder of Ecco Nova, which has succeeded a series of crowdlending deals, will join Céline to share where he sees this movement going and explain the importance of the communities in financing. They will be joined by Nicolas Crochet, co-founder of Funds for Good, a Robin Hood business model, sets out how ordinary people can change the way that finance works – and make money too.

Meet our Speakers:

Céline Bouton
Associate Director & Solifin Board Member

Céline worked abroad (France, Canada, Thailand) before helping to launch the microfinance institution microStart in Belgium. She initiated the MakeSense community in Belgium and launched the incubator and business activities of this social enterprise. Céline also actively participated in launching several other projects: Sohonet, Solifin, BeImpact, Forward… Her motivation: to accompany entrepreneurs who respond to societal challenges, to grow the impact sector and to build bridges between worlds to contribute to positive change.   She is since 2015 Associate Director of, a leading investment platform for positive impact companies.

Nicolas Crochet 
CEO Funds for Good

Nicolas Crochet is co-founder of Funds For Good. Launched in 2011, the founders of the company have adopted a unique business model, where 50% of the profits of the firm are donated to a social company they also run. The social company dedicates 100% of its money to provide 0% interest and guarantee-free loans to jobless persons and social entrepreneurs dreaming to start their own business.

Nicolas has a 25 years experience in the investment management industry, working previously for SSgA and Prudential Bache.

Quentin Sizaire
Co-founder and managing partner ECCO NOVA

Holder of a master’s degree both in engineering and in management, Quentin started his carrer in the development, construction and management of solar and onshore wind projects in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

In 2015, he co-founded Ecco Nova with Pierre-Yves PIRLOT, the first Belgian crowdlending platform fully dedicated to the energy transition.


6.30pm: welcome guests

7-8.00pm: conversation and Q&A

8.00pm: conversation continues at TheMerode bar



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