The Importance of Narrative for Founders

TheMerode is excited to welcome another inspirational speaker to the club. James Vincent has been behind some of the most captivating narratives for game-changing companies over the last two decades. From working alongside Steve Jobs to build Apple’s narrative and iconic products to helping visionary founders such as Brian Chesky at Airbnb, Evan Spiegel at Snapchat, Sara Menker at Gro Intelligence, Nicolas at Sorare, and Jack Conte & Sam Yam at Patreon.  

By working with some of the world’s most loved companies, Vincent has a unique perspective on brands and how to construct the right narrative to build them into sustainable businesses that people can connect with. Vincent is also the Founder and CEO at FNDR, a company whose mission is to help Founders align their voice and vision to craft the right story that will guide and shape their futures.

Defining the role of your company in the new world

James has been living in Brussels for the past year and is working with European based founders such as Nick at Sorare, Jean-Charles at Alan, Antoine at Yubo, Adrian at Cowboy, Antoine at Zenly, Sacha at Yubo, Nicholas at 360Learning, and Olivier at Hopium to name a few.  

In this thought-provoking conference, members will be able to learn about storytelling for start-ups as well as bring their businesses into the conversation to build on unique and practical perspectives. 


  • Welcome: 6:30pm-7pm
  • Conference: 7pm-8pm
  • Bar open: 8pm


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