TheMerode presents : Colver – Live Session

Discover the new generation of Belgian pop music

With their EP ‘Walk Swim Fly’, the Brussels quartet lives up to its promises with five tracks full of electricity. But where most indie bands opt for a decidedly lo-fi approach, Colver distinguishes itself by its sophisticated sounds. The synthesizers- straight out of a John Carpenter film – add depth to the whole and provide a sumptuous backdrop for the sultry ‘Bitcoin Billionaire’, a track that denounces the greed and vices of a troubled age. In another register, electronic percussions bring an undeniable wind of freshness to ‘Welcome Back To Sunny Ghost City’, a track which, in its finale, flirts with the spirit of a rave party: a trance to better cry out the despair of a city drained of its own substance.

In this live session, the band interprets ‘True Detective’, a witty tune playing with the codes of successful crime series in a psychedelic trip, set to a hip-hop beat. For a moment, and with the help of dark tones and low-key lighting, TheMerode’s reception becomes a federal agent’s office in the middle of an investigation.

A promising Belgian name

Emerging on the French-speaking Belgian scene, Colver has already found its way to the north of the country. Their ultra-catchy and super-funky first single ‘Thinking Out Loud’, produced by Greg Remy (Ghinzu), has attracted the attention of several media and even became the theme song for the Flemish TV program ‘Ik Vertrek’ (VTM), which attracts up to 375,000 viewers.

With ‘Walk Swim Fly’, Colver has shown a very colorful plumage, as has their first EP, which should enable the band to take to the stages here and abroad. Keep an eye on Colver, they might be the next big thing in Belgian pop-music!

Discover more songs of Colver on Spotify.


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In Conversation with Leen van Hulst

From forms to prints: The exclusive selection for TheMerode 

A series of prints made from historical printmaking techniques are displayed across the walls of TheMerode. For this project, we collaborated with Illustrator and Artist Leen van Hulst, who is also an expert in Chalcography at the Royal Library of Belgium. Chalcography is the intricate engraving technique on copper or wood used to design prints and illustrations. 

“We want to preserve this legacy for the public, but we also use these forms to make new prints.”

The Royal Library collects all Belgian publications and holds an archive of over 8 million documents. Leen van Hulst made a close selection of the best printmaking forms and developed them into a series of special prints for TheMerode. Not only do we make history, we also revive it.


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In Conversation with Eddy Dankers

A timeless design and glimpse back into the past

Even the colors of our walls reflect the philosophy of TheMerode. Eddy Dankers, a renowned artisan painter and longtime collaborator of interior designer Axel Vervoordt, talks about his passion for the artisanal and the human element of painting.

“Hues that bring in light and earthy tones that create a connection with the outdoor feeling.”

Dankers has been praised for his work and creativity to transform the character and atmosphere of a place. In this exclusive interview, discover how Dankers brings into light the authenticity and innovativeness of TheMerode. 


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In Conversation with Anne Totelin

A hôtel particulier with an evolving history 

In the heart of Brussels, TheMerode takes up residence within a historical and cultural building. Since its origins in the 17th Century, the palace has adopted multiple names and façades. To ensure the building’s restoration to its former glory, TheMerode worked closely with Anne Totelin, Cultural Heritage Officer.

“As a team, we decided what interventions were needed to recover the property’s full character.” 

Together, we worked to preserve the building’s authenticity while rethinking its functionality in a modern world. In this exclusive interview, Totelin talks about her influence during the renovations and how her expertise has helped us create a new space while embracing its history.


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