Come and join Edouard Cambier inviting Jasper to share his entrepreneurial adventure: a journey through his convictions, greatest moments, challenges, laughs, cries, but above all, passions.

Once upon a time (2019), there were three young people with a crazy dream…

To place happiness at the heart of every company 🚀

Their belief? Everybody can contribute to improve their daily life in companies 💪

Their mission? To create the simplest and fastest way to value the voice of all workers 🗣️

Jasper and his co-founders are challenging the status quo and proposing a new recipe to optimise productivity and happiness. Based on hundreds of interviews and encounters, his important work tackles some of the current burning questions of CEO and HR professionals:

Why consider the value of the people? How to make them feel the best way they can in their work environment? Is productivity coming with a healthy mind and high engagement? How to listen to the feelings of your employees and understand them? How to address the right topic at the right time?

On Thursday 16th of February , Edouard Cambier invites Jasper to share his entrepreneurial adventure over a special lunch for members of TheMerode.  Can productivity and happiness meet at work?

Come and join the intimate conversation.


Jasper Vandekerckhove

Co-founder of e-Bloom, a laureate of Reseau Entreprendre.

eBloom is a Belgian start-up, launched by Margot Wuillaume and Jasper Vandekerckhove after graduating in Management Engineering and Management Sciences at the LSM (promotion 2019). But it was already during their university journey, within the CPME programme, that the project was born. Aware of the increasing unhappiness at work and the challenge for companies to keep their teams committed, the two alumni decided to have a positive impact on daily life at work. A few months after the launch of the startup, Marco Amory, a talented Web Developer, joined the team. Together, they place fulfilment at the heart of companies.


Edouard Cambier

Mr. Co-working and “the future of work” captain at TheMerode


  • 12:00 > Welcome
  • 12:30 – 14:00 > Lunch & Conference


55€ Incl.VAT

Speaker and Moderator

The event is sold out

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