Join us for this arty breakfast followed by a guided tour of Generation Brussels and Brussels Gallery Weekend new project Sculpture Factory.

From 8-11 September, 47 art galleries around Brussels will be open to the public as part of the Brussels Gallery Weekend. BGW were pioneers in this type of event and this year will be bringing the city alive with contemporary art for the fifteenth year in a row. This very special occasion has a special programme to match, with a unique main venue in the former printing plant of the National Bank of Belgium, the perfect setting for large format sculptures.

The Brussels Gallery Weekend organizes each year the exhibition Generation Brussels curated by Maud Salembier that will be on view at the former printing plant of the National Bank of Belgium.

“This 5th edition of Generation Brussels focuses on the notion of Care as developed by Joan Tronto, following Carol Gilligan, as “a generic activity that includes everything we do to maintain, perpetuate and repair our ‘world’, so that we can live in it as well as possible. This world includes our bodies, ourselves and our environment, all the elements that we seek to link into a complex network, in support of life.”

For its 15th anniversary, Brussels Gallery Weekend hosts a new project “Sculpture Factory”.

This project gives carte blanche to a selection of galleries, that bring large artworks at L’ Imprimerie, the prestigious location. The Sculpture Factory is supported by Art Brussels.

About the curator of Generation Brussels:

Maud Salembier is an art and film historian. She has worked for galleries and art centres (Bozar, argos) as an exhibition coordinator and has directed an artist residency. She is currently a professor at ESA Saint-Luc Brussels, an independent curator and author. In February 2018, she created LaSpore, a nomadic curatorial and editorial platform aiming to disseminate and support contemporary artistic creation.



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