For six years, Melati, 18, has been fighting the plastic pollution that is ravaging her country, Indonesia. Like her, a generation is rising up to fix the world. Everywhere, teenagers and young adults are fighting for human rights, the climate, freedom of expression, social justice, access to education or food. Dignity. Alone against all odds, sometimes risking their lives and safety, they protect, denounce and care for others. The earth. And they change everything.  

Melati goes to meet them across the globe. She wants to understand how to hold on and continue her action. From the favelas of Rio to the remote villages of Malawi, from makeshift boats off the island of Lesbos to Native American ceremonies in the mountains of Colorado, Rene, Mary, Xiu, Memory, Mohamad and Winnie reveal a magnificent world, one of courage and joy, of commitment to something bigger than oneself. At a time when everything seems to be or has been falling apart, these young people show us how to live. And what it means to be in the world today.

Everyone can be inspired by the young people full of life and courage that Flore and her team went to meet

Melati Wijsenthe film is a success if we see that people who see it feel empowered. If they say to themselves that they too can act, that they have a role to play, however modest, and that it is up to them to get moving. The film says that, it tells us that everyone should be inspired by these young people full of life and courage that Flore and her team went to meet. These boys and girls, on whom fear seems to have no hold, have set themselves in motion at a very young age, because they know that time is running out. I hope that they will be a source of inspiration for as many people as possible.


Director : Flore Vasseur 

Producers Denis Carot (Elzévir Films), Marion Cotillard (All You Need is Prod), Flore Vasseur (Big Mother Productions)


Flore Vasseur Bio 

An entrepreneur in New York at the age of 24, Flore Vasseur lived through the Internet bubble, September 11 and a capitalist system that was cracking on all sides.  

Since then, she has written books, articles and television documentaries to understand the end of one world and the emergence of another. With her four frighteningly lucid novels, she attacks the grip of finance and the madness of a world based on technology.  

In Moscow, she directed Meeting Snowden about the former NSA contractor. Her latest book, What Remains of Our Dreams, is an investigative novel about the little-known real-life story of Aaron Swartz, the child prodigy of code who wanted us to be free, persecuted by the Obama administration.  


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