Take a trip to the seaside, join TheMerode and WIELS at Grand Casino Knokke and dive into art performances at Indiscipline!

Curated by Dirk Snauwaert and Helena Kritis, the 2023 edition of Indiscipline showcases a set of performances by Mounira Al Solh, Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust, Kiluanji Kia Henda, Emmilou Roessling, Stine Janvin, The Zangles & Xavier Garcia Bardon.

This year, Xavier Garcia Bardon (BE) returns to lift the veil on the legendary EXPRMNTL festival and regail us with the stories and the gossip of the infamous festival for avant-garde Film.

Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust (IR/FR/PL) finds inspiration in the seductive tapestries of Jean Lurçat—still on view at the casino—to create a performance piece featuring newly created costumes.

Time is spent in different and idle ways in a durational dance piece by Emmilou Roessling (DE).

Visual artist Mounira Al Solh (LB) recalls the mild sea air from Beirut and heads for the beach to express her profound devotion for the sea.

Kiluanji Kia Henda (AO) take us on a historical tour of the statues gracing the Kinaxixi Square in Angola.

Stine Janvin’s (NO) sound performance pays tribute to some of the vocalist’s favorite pop songstresses.

Finally, the all-female choir The Zangles (BE) leads us into the merry night with their huge egos and small voices.

Join us for this one-of-a-kind event filled with engaging and thrilling experimental interventions and performances and take advantage of this opportunity to check out the iconic work of René Magritte “Le Domaine enchanté”, a mural of no less than 70 meters in length and 7 meters in height that was commissioned by Gustave Nellens art collector and Grand Casino’s director in the 50s.

More information on WIELS’ website : https://www.wiels.org/fr/events/indiscipline-2023


  • 16:15 > Welcome
  • 16:30 – 23:00 > Performances

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