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In French

“Le musée des contradictions” by Antoine Wauters 12 voices rise to talk about social and ecological injustice in twelve speeches imbued with contradictions in this new genre-expanding book by the Belgian author.

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In English

“Young Mungo” by Douglas Stuart – The much anticipated second book by Man Booker Prize winner Douglas Stuart has just arrived on bookshop shelves and has been as critically acclaimed as Shuggie Bain, his first book. Young Mungo is a gay love story set in Glasgow. 

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In Dutch

“De Draaischijf” by Tom Lanoye – Belgian novelist Tom Lanoye returns with “The Turntable”. A story about how three intimately connected lives are crushed through art and collaboration, cowardice and ruthless ambition.

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Digital Mourning, conversation with Neïl Beloufa & Pierre-Yves Desaive

Exploring the future of NFT's in presence of artist Neïl Beloufa and digital art specialist Pierre Yves Desaive

Neïl Beloufa is one the most powerful voices of the generation of artists born in the 1980s. His artistic research focuses on contemporary society and on how it is represented and mediated by digital interaction, often with the aim of exposing the control mechanisms. In his videos, feature films, sculptures, and technologically complex installations, Beloufa plays on the viewer’s sensory experience, inviting them to reappraise their own beliefs and stereotypes. He addresses present-day issues that range from power relationships to digital surveillance, to data collection and nationalistic ideologies, to identity and a post-colonial understanding of the world.

This conversation with digital art specialist Pierre-Yves Desaive will examine the evolution of Beloufa’s work, and its commentary on how digital media reshapes our experience of art and its impact on our daily lives.

Beloufa is currently preparing two solo shows at respectively C-L-E-A-R-I-N-G, Brussels and Mendes Wood DM, Brussels. The opening will be in two parts : 22 January opening at Mendes Wood DM (2pm-9pm) and on 29 January at C-L-E-A-R-I-N-G (10am-6pm).


The conversation will be in French.



  • 18 :30 – 19 :00 > Welcome
  • 19 :00 – 20 :00 > Conference
  • 20 :00 > Bar is open


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Speakers :


Neïl Beloufa (1985, Paris) lives and works in Paris.
The multi-layered practice of French-Algerian artist, Neïl Beloufa occupies the space between various dichotomies. Reality and fiction, cause and effect, presence and absence are the polarities between which the artist’s work begins to take form. Developing his reflection on these by combining various media, including sculpture, video and painting into single installations, Beloufa masterly manages to deconstruct our contemporary systems of belief by moving between the real and the imaginative.

Situating himself between these polarities, Beloufa’s practice is deeply reflective. Examining established structures of power, incidentally, those within the “creative economy”, whilst dwelling on the authority that is afforded by artists in today’s society, Beloufa eliminates his dominant role by awarding agency to actors or materials, informing one another and coexisting in installations as though they are actors and props on a set. Rejecting the alias of sculptor, or any alignment to a particular set of practices or creative processes, Beloufa works primarily as an editor, constructing scenarios to facilitate intersections between different meanings that viewers might build independently.

Beloufa has exhibited at Venice Biennale, MoMA, Palais de Tokyo, Hangar Bicocca and K11 among many other renowned institutions.


Pierre-Yves Desaive is an art historian (University of Liège) and curator for contemporary art at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels. Exhibition curator, teacher at the National School of Visual Arts (La Cambre, Brussels), he acquired the Belgian Association of Art Critics (ABCA) and regularly contributes to publications on contemporary art (correspondent in Belgium for Flash Art). Member of the Digital Arts Commission of the Ministry of Culture, he is interested in the relationship between art and technology, in particular the use of digital media for artistic purposes.

President of the Belgian section of AICA from 2009 to 2012, member of ICOM, he regularly publishes on contemporary art and media art in various publications, print media or catalogs.


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Archive Tour: Marianne Berenhaut and Piet Stockmans

Exhibition tour of Marianne Berenhaut and Piet Stockmans archives visit at C-Mine including a lunch.

TheMerode & WE Club invites you to discover the latest solo exhibition by renowned Belgian artist Marianne Berenhaut at CIAP, a platform for contemporary arts based at C-Mine. 

The visit will be followed by a lunch with Berenhaut and the rest of the tour group, offering the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss her work.

After lunch, the tour will provide the chance to explore the archives of the famous designer Piet Stockmans, with the designer himself there to receive you and talk through his creative practice, which spans five decades. 


Meeting point : C-Mine 10, 3600 Genk at 11 am

Lunch at C-Mine: 1pm

Archives of Piet Stockmans at C-Mine: 2:30pm

Price: 32 €

Exhibition curator Alicja Melzacka will present Belgian artist Marianne Berenhaut’s body of work. The exhibition at CIAP and C-mine presents sculptures, installations, and collages made of objects ​​found in the artist’s immediate surroundings, accompanied by a selection of archival materials, including previously unseen footage and newly commissioned documentation. Placed side by side, the works created years apart come into dialogue and reveal their lasting relevance. Hidden behind the facade of daily objects are memories and stories we all can relate to, but also experiences that remain deeply individual and, on some level, inaccessible. 

CIAP is a platform for contemporary arts founded in 1976 in Hasselt by a group of art-loving citizens, and today based at C-mine – a revitalised mining site in the city of Genk (BE), a stone’s throw from the Dutch and German borders.

The visit will be followed by a lunch at C-Mine in presence of Marianne Berenhaut, where we will have the chance to exchange and discuss with her.

We will end our day with a visit of the Archives of Piet Stockmans, opened in October 2021, that offer a unique insight into the life and work of the designer from 1963 to the present day.

The artists

Marianne Berenhaut (1934, BE) lives and works between Brussels and London. She studied fine arts at the Académie du Midi and Atelier de Moeschal (1960-1964). Her works were presented in various solo exhibitions, at La Maison des Femmes (Brussels), Musée Juif de Belgique (Brussels), MAC’s (Grand Hornu), Isy Brachot Gallery (Brussels), Nadja Vilenne Gallery (Liège), and Island (Brussels). She has been part of several group exhibitions, amongst others Gladstone Gallery (Brussels), and Carl Freedman Gallery (Margate, UK). She is represented by Dvir Gallery (Brussels/ Tel Aviv).


Piet Stockmans ( 1940, BE) constantly explores the limits of porcelain. The designer is a Belgian specialist in hard porcelain creations. Each design is done from A to Z in the studio. Since 1987, Studio Pieter Stockmans has focused on small, unique collections. His well-known achievements include the Vandamme Memorial trophy and the royal wedding plaque in Monaco. The studio is very popular with great international chefs such as Alain Ducasse and Lanshu Chen. Pieter passes on 50 years of craftsmanship and love for the product to his daughter Widukind, who has run the studio since 2007, and to his son-in-law Frank Claesen, who creates new designs. With a team of six, they carry on the particular tradition of hard porcelain in the workshop. His works can also be found in large collections of companies such as Proximus and Belfius Collection, as well as many private collectors.


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Marcel Broodthaers and R.H. Quaytman exhibitions

Guided tours at the WIELS Museum for TheMerode Members 

In collaboration with WIELS, TheMerode is organizing a guided tour with Charlotte Friling, curator for WIELS , for the exhibition of “industrial poems” by Marcel Broodthaers and the solo show by R.H. Quaytman followed by a drink.

In an unprecedented exhibition, elaborated in close collaboration with the Succession Marcel Broodthaers, WIELS presents the entire series of 36 main motifs of the plaques by Broodthaers, while also highlighting further unknown versions and variations, to reveal the artist’s idiosyncratic take on seriality and the reproducible, rare artwork and image. The exhibition also features unique prototypes, as well as a large group of drawings or preparatory sketches for the plaques, all in relation to a selection of ‘Open Letters’ by the artist.

WIELS is the main center for contemporary art in Brussels. A space for innovative ideas and creative experiences, it is located in a distinctive architectural building in the heart of the European capital. It has a mission to provide new perspectives and stimulate all senses through a daring and cutting-edge program. Initiated by art lovers, WIELS hosts temporary exhibitions of both established and emerging artists, shares and exchanges ideas through their international residency program, and holds numerous workshops for a wide array of audiences.

Timings :

  • 11.00 : welcome drink
  • 11.30 : start tour
  • 12.30 : end of the tour


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Experience the Deep Time Walk with TheMerode team

Join TheMerode team in this incredibly powerful walk through the evolutionary history of planet Earth and life.

A Deep Time Walk is a transformative journey through 4.6bn years of Earth history via a 4.6km walk, where each meter you walk equates to 1 million years.  
Starting at the formation of the solar system and the creation of the Earth, Deep Time Walk covers some of the most significant events and revolutions in Earth’s deep history.

Nurturing a connection with nature

And more… 
It is a project that provides an immersive experience that invites participants to view the world differently, encouraging positive action and collective advocacy for a regenerative Earth.   

A Deep Time Walk helps put into context humanity’s rich ancestral heritage and gives an insight into the interconnectedness of life. It helps participants get a physical sense of the vast amount of time it has taken for life to evolve using the kinetic movement of walking. The Deep Time Walk project was created by Stephan Harding (Schumacher College, UK) and Sergio Maraschin. In Belgium, the Deep Time Walk is a regular activity (held in FR/NL/EN) proposed by the Schumacher Sprouts Belgium. 


Moderators : 

The Schumacher Sprouts Belgium 

Kirstine de Caritat  

Aurèle Destrée  



Welcome: 11.45 am  

Walk: 12.00-14.00  


Language of the Event : 



Meeting Point : 

Centre d’Art de Rouge-Cloître 

Rue du Rouge-Cloître 4  

1160 Auderghem  



 If you would like to participate in this incredibly powerful offsite walk, please register below.  

Don’t hesitate to register a non-member to come along.

About Schumacher Sprouts Belgium

At the Schumacher Sprouts Belgium ASBL, we are creating a learning community of engaged people, who are building Islands of Hope, where people live in harmony with nature, themselves and each other. The Schumacher Sprouts offer an educational programme with transformative courses for ecological, social and personal change. We apply a range of teachings and learning methods, varying from lectures to reflective inquiry, with an emphasis on action in the participants’ own lives. The connection with nature is at the heart of all courses while there is always a focus on how to be and act in a changing world. We are convinced that these competences are key to build a sustainable future.


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Holiday Fevered Drink at TheMerode

TheMerode will come to life as we enter the Holiday season with entertainment, dancing, and celebrations. Join us for a festive after work drink celebration and get to know your fellow members.

Please note that we will be requiring all guests to be in the possession of their CST.



You are welcome as from 6PM at TheMerode.


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Bigger than us – Documentary by Flore Vasseur

For six years, Melati, 18, has been fighting the plastic pollution that is ravaging her country, Indonesia. Like her, a generation is rising up to fix the world. Everywhere, teenagers and young adults are fighting for human rights, the climate, freedom of expression, social justice, access to education or food. Dignity. Alone against all odds, sometimes risking their lives and safety, they protect, denounce and care for others. The earth. And they change everything.  

Melati goes to meet them across the globe. She wants to understand how to hold on and continue her action. From the favelas of Rio to the remote villages of Malawi, from makeshift boats off the island of Lesbos to Native American ceremonies in the mountains of Colorado, Rene, Mary, Xiu, Memory, Mohamad and Winnie reveal a magnificent world, one of courage and joy, of commitment to something bigger than oneself. At a time when everything seems to be or has been falling apart, these young people show us how to live. And what it means to be in the world today.

Everyone can be inspired by the young people full of life and courage that Flore and her team went to meet

Melati Wijsenthe film is a success if we see that people who see it feel empowered. If they say to themselves that they too can act, that they have a role to play, however modest, and that it is up to them to get moving. The film says that, it tells us that everyone should be inspired by these young people full of life and courage that Flore and her team went to meet. These boys and girls, on whom fear seems to have no hold, have set themselves in motion at a very young age, because they know that time is running out. I hope that they will be a source of inspiration for as many people as possible.


Director : Flore Vasseur 

Producers Denis Carot (Elzévir Films), Marion Cotillard (All You Need is Prod), Flore Vasseur (Big Mother Productions)


Flore Vasseur Bio 

An entrepreneur in New York at the age of 24, Flore Vasseur lived through the Internet bubble, September 11 and a capitalist system that was cracking on all sides.  

Since then, she has written books, articles and television documentaries to understand the end of one world and the emergence of another. With her four frighteningly lucid novels, she attacks the grip of finance and the madness of a world based on technology.  

In Moscow, she directed Meeting Snowden about the former NSA contractor. Her latest book, What Remains of Our Dreams, is an investigative novel about the little-known real-life story of Aaron Swartz, the child prodigy of code who wanted us to be free, persecuted by the Obama administration.  


Timings : 

  • 19.00 : Welcome to TheMerode 
  • 20.30 – 22.00 : Film Projection


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Art Antwerp: Cultural day in Antwerp

Antwerp is world renowned as a vibrant city. Home to some of Belgium’s most prominent museums and numerous galleries, it is a hub for young and established artists as well as a hotspot for foodies, cutting-edge fashion lovers and all kinds of creative talent.

Experience Antwerp through a cultural day

Launched by Art Brussels, Art Antwerp is an ambitious small sized international contemporary art fair and a new major player in the creative city of Antwerp. The DNA of the fair is international but strongly embedded in the local creative scene. Starting at 11 am, we will first enjoy a guided tour of the fair with a careful selection of its highlights.

The fair visit will be followed by a lunch at Graanmarkt 13, a green Michelin star restaurant with authentic and healthy cuisine that was also voted best vegetarian restaurant of Flanders by We’re smart world in 2015. Architect Vincent Van Duysen sculpted the beautiful open spaces with a strong linear, yet warm hand. Renowned art director Bob Verhelst took the concept of Graanmarkt 13 to another level with his unusual scenography.

We will end the day with a David Claerbout exhibition tour by the artist himself at the Micheline Szwajcer gallery.
Born in 1969, (Kortrijk, Belgium) David Claerbout is a Belgian artist. His work combines elements of still photography and the moving image. Claerbout’s work is included in major public collections worldwide and has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions internationally. His exhibition Aircraft (F.A.L.) at Micheline Szwajcer stretches between two recent works by David Claerbout, with a flying aircraft at its center, either biological or artificial, in an unclear state of suspended rest.


Timings : 

  • 11.00 : Art Antwerp guided tour – Antwerp Expo Jan van Rijswijcklaan 191, 2020 Antwerpen
  • 13.00 : Lunch at Graanmarkt 13 – Graanmarkt 13, 2000 Antwerpen
  • 15.00 : Exhibition visit at Micheline Szwacjer-Verlatstraat 14, 2000 Antwerpen

Language : English

Price : 80€

Event open to members of TheMerode only.

Limited capacity: First 20 subscriptions.

If you would like to register on this event, please subscribe below.


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Candle Light Yoga course with Victoria Bardiau

The stress of a busy day will immediately melt away as you enter a darkened spacious room filled with illuminating candlelight and soothing music. With a focus on connecting to your breath, you’ll make your way through a slow-moving flow preparing your body and mind to unwind from the day’s activities.


  • 18:30 – 19:30 > Yoga course

If you would like to participate in the course, please register below.


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A Conversation with Koen Vanmechelen

An Arena of Culture and Nature

Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen is an internationally acclaimed conceptual artist with over 20 years of experience. His works explore the intersection between art, science, and society across multiple mediums. His most groundbreaking work involves biocultural diversity and identity, notably seen in the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project (CCP), a project involving chicken species from different nationalities as a symbol of global diversity.

“LABIOMISTA, an evolving work of art about the mix of life”

At TheMerode, Vanmechelen will hold a conference about his impressive project, LABIOMISTA; an exploration of identity and diversity in different forms. A joint venture with the city of Genk, LABIOMISTA is an all-encompassing art project. It is Vanmechelen’s studio and foundation headquarters, a laboratory and library of biocultural diversity, a site where animals live and breed, and a park with live artworks and installations. 

Vanmechelen invites TheMerode members to challenge and inspire themselves through new ideas, creations, projects, and collaborations. 



  • 18 :30 – 19 :00 > Welcome
  • 19 :00 – 20 :00 > Conference
  • 20 :00 > Bar is open


If you would like to participate in the conference, please register below.

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